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Crystal Geyser® Water Company is an all-natural beverage company based in Calistoga, California. For almost 40 years, California-based Crystal Geyser Water Company has been committed to creating premium quality, wholesome and delicious natural beverages. Two California entrepreneurs started our company in 1977 with a mission to provide people with healthy, pure, domestic, sparkling water. Our highest priority is to conduct our operations sustainably with the utmost care for the environment while producing healthy, all-natural refreshment for our consumers.


Recent News 

Crystal Geyser Water Company was advised by the Siskiyou County Planning Department on March 23, 2016 that as a part of the permitting process for ongoing construction activities at our Mt. Shasta bottling plant, our project will be reviewed through the CEQA process with an environmental impact report (EIR).


“We have been willing and ready to comply with the CEQA process and an environmental review for quite some time,” says Judy Yee, EVP of Marketing and Business Strategy.  “We are committed to participating in the CEQA process.”  We stand behind our sustainable operations and our commitment to a healthy community.  We are fully confident this environmental review will show that our operations will have no discernible impact on the local environment.


We look forward to working with the county, supporting agencies, and all interested parties throughout the CEQA review process.  We remain dedicated to opening the plant and continuing to contribute to the economic future of Siskiyou County and the City of Mt. Shasta.

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