Water Usage

  • Mt. Shasta Big Springs Daily Flow is 38 acre feet per day.
  • Crystal Geyser plans to use .5 acre feet per day with one bottling line at full production.
  • This amounts to 1% of the total average daily water production of Mount Shasta Big Springs. (source: CalTrout)
  • According to the International Bottled Water Association, in California, bottlers use just .02% of the state water supply.
  • Crystal Geyser Water Company uses just .00016% of the state water supply.

8 Things You Need to Know About Bottled Water in CA*

  • All bottled water used in 1 year in California equals 98 minutes…of ALL municipal water used in California in 1 year.
  • Californians LOVE their bottled water:
  • Californians: 65 gallons per person per year
  • All Americans: 34 gallons per person per year
  • 100% of all bottled water companies in CA are subject to all CA regulations: taxes, fees, monitoring & inspections.
  • MOST bottled water produced in California, IS CONSUMED in California.
  • In times of natural disasters & emergencies, bottled water is always there when YOU need it.

* Source HydrateCalifornia.net (IBWA &CWBA)