Cal Trout, a statewide nonprofit organization founded in 1971 with the mission to protect and restore wild trout, steelhead, salmon and their waters throughout California, initiated a water monitoring survey in January of 2015 funded by Crystal Geyser that will study the hydrology, hydrogeology, and water quality of Big Springs in Mount Shasta, California for a three year period.

Crystal Geyser is proud to support the implementation of this study because of CalTrout’s long-standing credibility as an independent, objective group that bases restoration and conservation activities on scientific data.

The results from the first phase of the Big Springs study were summarized in October of 2015. Monitoring activities from this phase indicate that Big Springs flows appear consistent despite four years of intense drought.

The survey of Big Springs in Mt. Shasta will includes climatic, hydrologic, geologic and hydrogeologic, and water quality data in order to help characterize and quantify the regional and local groundwater systems. The survey includes four gauges, one existing and three new gauges that will be monitored for the three year period. Data will be collected by hydrologists and will evaluate both water flow and water quality. The flow and water quality data will be summarized annually. Season to season comparisons will be completed, and measured changes will be identified.

Overseeing the creation and implementation of the study is a qualified team of Cal Trout staff, consulting geologists, and engineers. The core study and reporting team includes: Drew Braugh, Study Manager, CalTrout Conservation Manager, Jim Fitzgerald, Lead Geologist, Geoscience Services (GeoServ), Paul Horton, Support and Review Geologist, The Source Group, and Lee Davisson, Support and Review Geologist, ML Davisson & Associates.

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