Who we are and what we believe in

Crystal Geyser Water Company is a beverage company based in Calistoga, California. We started our company in 1977 with a mission to provide people with healthy, pure, sparkling mineral water. It took us two-and-a-half years of studying survey maps, exploring water sources, and making countless taste tests before finding our ideal water source at the base of Mount St. Helena in a remote part of Napa Valley. Our highest priority is to preserve and maintain the refreshing natural character of our water sources.

We believe in strengthening the communities where we do business and protecting the environment where we source our water. In addition to supporting the Mount Shasta community with well-paying jobs in a clean industry, we will support local organizations and events, including the Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce. As a company dedicated to natural products and healthy living, we think our values are a good fit for the Mount Shasta community.

Today, we continue to innovate, by producing healthy, all natural beverages such as Crystal Geyser Sparkling Waters®; Tejava® premium unsweetened iced tea; Juice Squeeze®, a lightly carbonated fruit juice; and, Metromint®, a zero-calorie mint-flavored beverage. Almost 40 years since we founded Crystal Geyser, all our beverages are still made with a commitment to use only pure, natural ingredients, produced without artificial flavors or sweeteners.

In 1981 we introduced our first citrus-flavored mineral waters.

Meet the family

Chances are you already know us. We’ve made healthy products using pure natural ingredients for almost 40 years.