Economic Impact

  • The Mt. Shasta plant will be our flagship
  • $60 Million investment in Siskiyou County
  • Nearly 60 jobs – a majority will be local hires.
  • Sales, property, and income taxes will provide a huge boost to the regional economy
  • A recent Economic Study estimated the total economic impact of $36.8 million annually in Siskiyou County*

*Applied Economics LLC, Economic Impact of Crystal Geyser on Siskiyou County, 2016

Committed to Mt. Shasta

Crystal Geyser® Water Company is an all-natural beverage company based in Calistoga, California.  Two California entrepreneurs started our company in 1977 with a mission to provide people with healthy, pure, domestic, sparkling water. Our highest priority is to conduct our operations sustainably with the utmost care for the environment while producing healthy, all-natural refreshment for our consumers. We are proud to produce clean, crisp, natural beverages with no added sweeteners or preservatives including Tejava®, our premium unsweetened tea.

We chose Mt. Shasta because we saw an opportunity to renovate an idle bottling plant. A multi-million dollar investment will transform the old facility into a state-of-the-art, LEED certified, bottling operation.  We firmly believe our operations will bring much needed jobs to the community and help stimulate the local economy.

Our Mt. Shasta facility also is home to an abundant, pristine water source. A source of pure spring water, the aquifer is naturally replenished by glacial runoff, snowmelt, and rainfall. Year in and year out, the aquifer has reliably sustained the Mount Shasta community. Crystal Geyser Water Company is committed to keep it that way: pure, protected, and preserved.

Our commitment to the Mt. Shasta community is evidenced in our environmental practices, including participating in a water monitoring study conducted by CalTrout that will analyze both the flow and the quality of our water source.  In addition, our operations will utilize technology and practices to conserve water and energy.

Crystal Geyser Water Company has made tangible investments in the local community by supporting the organizations whose mission it is to promote or preserve economic stability, youth, art, and the environment.  We believe in supporting organizations that share our mission of building a better, more sustainable community in which to live, work, and play.  We are excited to share our values of healthy products and a healthy lifestyle with the community of Mt. Shasta.