Jim Mullins CEO

Mt Shasta Chamber of Commerce

 It has been a little over a month since the City of Mt. Shasta was put on a Code Red – Boil Water notice.  Unfortunately, we just had another issue noticed on July 27th.  We are all keenly aware of the need for infrastructure improvements to our City’s drinking water and waste water systems. 

 The first notice was issued on June 25th, just 5 days prior to the arrival of the many vendors and thousands of tourists who come to enjoy Mount Shasta for the 4th of July festivities every year.  This emergency caused a great deal of stress and strain on the Chamber staff and volunteers who work extremely hard to coordinate this annual event.  Annually this event brings substantial dollars to the Chamber of Commerce and is both a critical funding mechanism and a way to promote our beautiful city.

Many people and organizations stepped up to help in this emergency.  One of the first calls the Chamber of Commerce made was to Crystal Geyser Water Company.   Despite the fact that they are still not able to produce and sell sparkling water, the company responded immediately to our request and took action to make their domestic well available to the City as an emergency drinking water source.   Had the facility been open and operating, this process would have been much easier to facilitate.  We express our deepest gratitude for CGWC’s willingness to help in this situation.

 We are also very grateful to the Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water /CG Roxane in Weed for donating bottled water to the City to distribute throughout the community.  This company has a longstanding tradition of supplying water to Siskiyou County for emergency situations as well as donating product to many local nonprofit organizations.

Mount Shasta Herald 8.2.2017