Water Usage

  • Mt. Shasta Big Springs Daily Flow is 38 acre feet per day
  • Crystal Geyser plans to use .5 acre feet per day
  • This amounts to 1% of the total average daily water production of Mount Shasta Big Springs (source: CalTrout)


Crystal Geyser is 100% committed to the safe disposal of all wastewater discharges.

  • New “bottle rinse” technology allowed for change in process from wet to dry
  • Enables significant wastewater discharge reduction from 250,000 gallons per day (gpd) to 54,000 gpd
  • Ensures that most of the water we pump will go directly in the bottle.
  • Use of our permitted on-site leachfield will meet the requirements of the Regional Water Quality Control Board. (RWQCB)  RWQCB is responsible for ensuring the safety of groundwater.


  • Crystal Geyser Water Company will not manufacture plastic bottles in its Mt. Shasta facility or in any of our locations.
  • Crystal Geyser utilizes a blow-molding system that heats up and shapes pre-formed “molds” of plastic bottles.
  • Our bottles are BPA free.
  • Our bottles are PET (polyethylene terephthalate).  PET bottles are a shatterproof and safe packaging container for both home, and away from home use. PET bottles help to reduce our environmental impact, as they consume less energy to produce when compared to glass bottles and aluminum cans and are lightweight, requiring less energy to transport.
  • PET bottles are fully recyclable and accepted at virtually every recycling center.
  • PET bottles do not contain phthalates.

    For more information about PET bottles, please visit www.napcor.com