Our Mt. Shasta facility has been renovated in accordance with California Green Building Standards Code.  In addition, Crystal Geyser is pursuing LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) certification from the United States Green Building Council.  This process requires investment in research, design, and implementation.  As a company focused on providing healthy products in a sustainable manner, we firmly believe in the return on such an investment.  We will be proud to bring the first LEED certified building to Siskiyou County

The certification process is lengthy and thorough and we will proudly display our certification as soon as we receive it.  Below are just a few of the steps we’ve taken towards our goal:

  • All metals were recycled in Redding.
  • All glass was recycled in Sacramento.
  • All concrete removed from the existing floors and exterior structures was recycled for road base.
  • All wood and cardboard packing materials for the equipment that was shipped to the facility were recycled locally.
  • All of the old unused insulated metal wall panels were donated to Chico area small organic farmers for reuse as cold storage rooms.
  • Overall we have 75% or better recycling rate to date.
  • All new materials meet or exceed California Green code standards for VOCs. (Volatile Organic Compound)
  • A majority of the renovation materials were sourced with in the 500 mile radius of the project.
  • All wood products are Sustainable Forest Product certified.
  • Light fixtures throughout the plant have been changed to LED fixtures and rooms with exterior windows are equipped with sensors to harvest daylight and reduce lighting loads.
  • Existing HVAC equipment was changed to meet new California Green Building Standards and fitted with MERV 13 filters to meet LEED standards for occupant comfort and air quality.
  • During construction hours we maintained continuous high volume air flush to reduce or eliminate build up of particulates and maintain a good air quality for construction workers and future plant staff.
  • Facility includes showers and lockers for employees who wish to bike to work.