Mt. Shasta Big Springs

Mt. Shasta Big Springs is known as the headwaters of the Upper Sacramento River.  It is from this volcanic aquifer that Crystal Geyser will source the water for its Mt. Shasta facility.

This source of pure spring water is naturally replenished by glacial runoff, snowmelt and rainfall. This aquifer recharges at a high elevation making it less susceptible to climate change (drought) and isotope testing shows the age of the water to be over 50 years old. *

Crystal Geyser Water Company is committed to the wise use of this precious natural resource.  We began monitoring our production well in 2014 and sending quarterly reports to the Regional Water Quality Control Board.  In addition, we funded a three-year Monitoring Study of Big Springs to be conducted by CalTrout.

*Source – Mt. Shasta Springs 2009 Summary Report CalTrout 2009